Saga with Comfortred tires continues(maybe..see if this is a big deal)

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Jul 13, 2005
New Hampsha
Ok so I get the correct size tire put on the front left of my car drives noticably better..because I noticed the other 3 tires had a DOT date of 2004 I decide to take a gander at the new tire to see if it is any newer etc I take a peek and keep loook and keep looking......I don't see a DOT date...looking more closely at the tread I notice that they have put the new tire on backwards compared to the other 3 tires...If I can try to be clearer the other 3 tires have the DOT date facing out on the tire and the new one has the DOT date facing in Now the Comfortred is not a directional tire but should all the tread patterns at least be going the same way? [Confused] AS in all the DOT dates facing out or in? So I have 1 tire on the front with a tread pattern going 1 way and another going the other way. I happen to think this is an issue just due to the gact that when I'm biting down into the snow I have tread patteens going somewhat opposite of each other? Maybe I'm way off and getting to anal about these things but I find myself having to be that way with these guys... [Bang Head] Something that needs to be fixed? I plan on showing up at their door at 7am tomorrow ack..these Comfortreds have been a curse since I put em on.... I'm toying with the idea of trading them in anyways for the Michelin HydroEdge....good choice? I've heard everything from they are the worst to the best tire in the snow that they have ever had......since I can't get the Tripletreds(hubcaps), the Edges were my next choice. Ok any comments or advice appreciated [Smile] Goose [Patriot]
The DOT numbers are on what is considered the inside of most tires, that is if it had white lettering or some other kind of sidewall treatment to decorate the tire. I would say that the most recent tire is the correctly installed tire and the other 3 are on backwards. Not that it would hurt anything for a non-directional tread to be on backwards. Often tires are mounted this way on purpose to hide white lettering or something like that. Probably, you should notice some difference in the finish lettering of the sidewalls. The one with the DOT letters on the inside is mounted correctly, but it really shouldn't make any difference in performance of the tire. It would irk me just because they are different, but then again, I tend to be a bit anal about such things. Hope this helps.
Yes it did help thanks [Smile] I was mostly concerned because the tread pattern on the new front tire is opposite of what it is on the other side...would like it all to be going the same I guess it does look cleaner with the DOT on the inside... but since it is easier to change just 1......
question, to clairify are you saying the tyres do not have any text such as "mount this side out" or "direction of roataion > " ? if it is not a directional tyre than the tread pattern cannot be reversed. you can flip the tire from the left to right side and the tread should look exactly the same.
I think the only difference in tread created by flipping that tire is the orientation of the center strip. I wouldn't consider it an issue unless the sidewall is noticeably different. It would probably annoy me too though!
The Goodyear Comfortreds are non-direction, so it shouldn't matter which side is out. (other than the anal part, but then, that's me, too!) I think the lesson you should take away from this is to discontinue shopping at TownFair. I have other sources that also indicate that TownFair should be avoided. A word to the wise?
I think the only difference in tread created by flipping that tire is the orientation of the center strip.
On further examination, even that center strip will be the same no matter how it's mounted. I was picturing a slightly different design in my head. [Smile]
You're fine, it sounds like this is a non-directional tire. The different size blocks of tread on the inside and out are for noise reduction as much as anything. You may also notice you have 3 or 4 large blocks then 3 or 4 smaller blocks that repeat too; same thing.
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