Safe leak-fixer for trace heater core leak

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Aug 20, 2003
The Mid South
I've got a beater, an '89 Mitsu Mirage, with a trace leak in the heater core-slight smell when in use. What are my options for an additive leak fixer? I want to fix it, but without gumming up the whole system. Thanks ahead of time.
I personally have used those ones in powder form (looks like metal with little fibres in it) to stop a weeping head gasket, and a hairline crack in a block...worked well. I've used tins of Bars-leak a couple of times on seriously holed radiators as a "get you home" concept, probably a bit extreme for a "smell" as opposed to wet carpet. I think the Bars dry pellets might work for you. But please only use them temporarily.
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