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Dec 14, 2002
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Hi, Like my last thread, this one is about best mac software... this time: browsers. Im just running safari. It does everything I want, I use the tabbed browsing, and things seem to be fine. However some sites dont display liek they should on IE or firefox on a PC. My brother got a tiny powerbook and 23" monitor to take to college. He is a year in, and one of the things he found on his mac is that he prefers firefox to safari.. We never really iscussed why, however. So, what is the best browser to use on mac? The one that has the most compatibility, the best viewing, the fastest operation, etc., etc. Any reccomendations or info would be appreciated. Thanks! JMH
Up to OSX 10.2 I used Firefox and Opera with good results. With OSX 10.4 I'm using Safari. I have Firefox as a backup, but it seems to run slower and I don't see any advantage in using it.
I'm running 10.4.7, I guess I cant really do much better than safari then... Thanks! JMH
in the past month or so, i've tried: safari firefox camino always returned to camino for ease of use and speed. current OS is 10.4.7 hope this helps frank
A friend has in the past recommended Camino, but it wasn't compatible with my old Mac. I'd like to try it out on my new computer. What advantages do you notice?
imo, camino is very similar to safari, however i think page rendering is alittle quicker than other browsers, at least on my computer. Camino is also updated more frequently (but not as often as firefox)and maybe more secure as a result. it wouldn't hurt to download and try it. you can always get rid of it if you don't like it.
IIRC, Safari on Mac was born from Konqueror code (Linux). Konqueror doesn't often show pages properly. I'm sure Apple made changes to help Safari become a better product than Konqueror. I like Safari on Mac, but find myself migrating back towards Firefox.
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