Safari users...

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Nobody but me uses Safari?
Sorry not rich enough for a mac.

I do use Konqueror though. Wait a minute you right clicked?????
Obviously I have Firefox installed as a backup browser -- see screenshot image. While I used Firefox as my primary browser on my old Mac, I see no good reason to not use Safari on the new Mac.

Maybe I'm the only one, who makes use of the "show properties" feature, if available, but I have my reasons for using it. Downloading graphics is exactly what I don't want to do without first checking "properties." I simply figured the feature was hidden in Safari.

Wait a minute you right clicked?????

right-click = "control"+click (on a Mac) since OS 8.5 (late 1998)

On the newer Macs, the right-click is literally a right-click.
Honestly I only used Safari a few times, I use Firefox as my primary browser. I rarely every use the right click to see properties or in mac language is hold either apple/command or control then click. I think Safari is made to be simple, I don't know if its similar to Netscape or something like that. Make a suggestion to Apple, maybe they will add that to their next update of Safari.
It's not an often-used feature, to be honest.
You can always download the graphic and look at it.
I seldom use that option myself, but why not just use Firefox if it does this?

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