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Nov 16, 2005
I have an antique outboard lower unit that specifies SAE 40 Nondetergent. It's from about 1950 so the modern oils didn't exist then. They also didn't have the greatest seals then either. SAE 40 ND isn't the easiest oil to find around here and I'd like some thoughts on options. The lower unit has a friction clutch instead of a shear pin in the lower unit so the oil would need to be compatible with that as well. Any modern energy conserving oil would probably be bad for the clutch. Would HDEO oil maybe work in a gear box?
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He is talking about a boat motor

Of course ... Outboard motor on an airplane? It could but I didn't think so. For sure it's a boat. Maybe inflatable. I had a 23 feet CarbrasMar with 2 Volvo Penta AQAD41s and duoprops. A Hobby Cat 16 and a Laser sailboats, also. I know about boats.
I am not sure how much this helps since you are in Canada, but here are some sources:

Accel (Warren) makes it:

Accel 40W ND on Amazon

Amazon seems to sell it by the case as you can see.

I'd contact Accel/Warren dirctly for a Canadian distributor:

Accell/Warren webpage

Tractor Supply has it in 2 gallon jugs:

Tractor Supply 40W ND

O'Reilly's has it:

O'Reilly's 40W ND

Lubriplate has it (and they have Canadian distributors):

Lubriplate 40W ND oil

I would also check with NAPA auto parts as they can usually get things like this fairly easily. Good luck!

Andrew S.
SAE 40 was used in 2 stroke before 2 stroke oil was invented. No reason to use this today. Get a quality 2 stoke oil like a chain saw oil and you should be fine. Because the older engines have loose tolerances, i would not use a TCW III oil, but you certainly could if you wanted to
Oops sorry, lower unit oil...ignore above post
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