Saab 0w30 Fully Synthetic Long Life Oil

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Jun 18, 2002
I have searched and have read all of the posts referencing this oil. Just wondering if anyone is currently running this oil for future UOA. Also, has anyone seen a spec sheet for it? Is this oil the European Mobil 1 0w30 Long Life or is it the Elf / Fina 0w30 Synthetic? Ive seen references to both. It sure appears to have healthy doses of Calcium and Boron from the VOA on this board. I have had trouble locating any information from the European Mobil sites. Scott
Someone posted a picture of the bottle, and it's obviously a gold colored Mobil 1 bottle. The VOA shows, however, that this oil is definitely not the Mobil 1 0w30 that is sold in the U.S.
Yep, it's interesting that both oils (semi-syn 5W-30 and fully-syn 0W-30) used by SAAB in the U.S. for service fill (and I think, factory fill) have diesel-oil level of additives.
Quadrun1, with those diesel-oil additive levels in this oil, is that going to be enough to take this oil into lets say a 10k mile interval? Or, since the oil is ACEA A1 and not A3, is it only good for 5k? Obviously, running it and doing a UOA will tell the story, but it sure would be nice to study a few UOAs with this oil prior to using it.
The fully synthetic 0W-30 will probably be okay for 10,000 mile intervals since it does meet the GM/SAAB/Opel Longlife specification. But if your car requires A3-spec (higher HTHS) I'd run something else like M1 0W-40 or German Castrol 0W-30 SLX. Jason
Hey Scott, The Saab 0W-30 Full Syn is ACEA A5, just like the Mobil 1 0W-30. The 5W-30 "Semi Synthetic" used to be A3, but they seem to have changed the formula a bit & now it's rated A1 (it happened around the same time they changed the name to "Synthetic Blend"). An interesting side note: I've never run OE oil in my '90 Saab 900 (non-turbo) for the nearly five yrs I've owned it. With all the oils (either dino or syn), I've always had a slight tick on cold-start-up (general opinion on SaabNet is valve noise), which would go away after a few seconds. Filters have always been Saab OE, Mann, UK-ACD, or PureOnes. For the past 10 mos I've been running M1 15W-50 & have the same noise; no big deal. I'm leaking a small amount of oil, so when I needed a 4oz top-up I used the Saab A3-rated 5W-30 I've got. My cold-start-up tick immediately went away, & has stayed away for over a month! I can't explain it, except that maybe the extra diesel-style additives are part of the "OE intent" of the oil spec? All I know is, I'm seriously considering running Delvac 1300 Super in this car on my next oil change!
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