Rust-Oleum Restore

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I am told its a pain to apply and does not go far. And expensive.

I would consider buying a QT of it (if sold) and try it on part of my deck as a test.

Please let us know how it works for you.
I used it on my front porch - concrete slab. True, it does not go far, but I was very pleased with the results - it really spruced up my porch and filled in some minor cracks.

I was so impressed, I used it on a small wooden deck - results not as good. It did fill in the cracks on the wood and for about six months looked good. Then it started wearing off.

Perhaps part of the difference, the porch is under shelter and receives no direct sun. The deck is not only full sun, but full weather, (no cover).

The slab had never been painted or sealed with anything so the product could easily bond to the cement. The wooden deck, however, might have been sealed with something at one point in time, (even though it was very weathered). Perhaps that caused the product not to bond properly.
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