Running Pennzoil Dino in Honda 40k miles no oil changes !!

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Oct 11, 2002
Pittsburgh PA
Woman came into shop engine was dead. Timing belt shredded to pieces. Never changed oil in 2001 Honda Accord 2.7l V6 DOHC 180 hp. Pics... Honda Images [ February 23, 2003, 10:55 AM: Message edited by: 1maniac ]
Link still doesn't work. But two things, either the oil was as thick as cement by that point, or there wasn't any oil. My guess is there wasn't any oil left in the sump and it seized up. If they are dumb enough to run that long without a change, they probably didn't even check the oil levels. My opinion on "lady driven" vehicles is further supported by stories like this.
Your notation says DOHC, but I only see one cam. [Confused] Also, if this was the OEM oil she ran for 40,000 miles it wouldn't be Pennzoil would it? I too suspect there was very little oil left in sump, and what was in there was probably too thick to pump. [ February 23, 2003, 11:19 AM: Message edited by: G-Man II ]
Hmmm..... the 2001 Honda Accord V6 was a 3.0L engine that put out 200HP, not 180HP. The Accord has not used the old Acura Legend 2.7L V6 in many years. I smell something and its not burnt oil.....
I knew you guys would find out if something weasn't right. I just took the pics and my car data was from the secretary. It was a honda, however. Maybe not so new ?????
When I worked at a Toyota dealership a Doctor came in complaining of engine noise on his 2001 Avalon. The engine looked pretty much like the pictures of the Honda above. Even with that profession he did not know he had to change the oil in his new car. It had 28K miles when the engine seized.
there was a 2.7 L 170 hp v6 used in the Accords two generations ago, up to 1994, then they went to the 200 hp variant. I think it was single overhead cam for both banks of cylinders. So this makes sense, just a bit off. **** that is painful to look at, she would be charged with child abuse if I had my way.
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