Royal Purple

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May 5, 2004
United Kingdom
Hi guys, im new here and UK based.I am using Royal Purple, an oil that I can see has been talked about alot on this site.However, most people seem to have said negative things. I must admit my own experiences have been nothing but positive. The 75w90 max gear has been fantastic for my car (subaru Impreza Turbo) I would be interested to know if ther are any other uk forum members, and if they wish to share their experiences of the euro market.and anyone else 2.many thanks.
I have used it in my '02 TL last summer, and was pleased with it (now running GC). I am debating to switch back, depending on how my experiment with SWEPCO turns out. [Cheers!] Jean
It seems that most users of the Royal Purple gear oils really like them and feel that they benefit from their use. But it seems that the RP motor oils have not impressed users as much [I dont know] . But that's just my impression of reading these forums for a couple of years now. [Off Topic!] In the last 20+ years or so I've been lucky enough to drive many thousands of miles on your roads in great cars that we don't get in the US. I always try to add a week or so onto my stay so I can "tour" around the countryside and stay at B&B's in small villages and towns. So far this "Yank" hasn't caused any massive destruction on your roads, especially on your roundabouts(circles) [Big Grin] . Driving on the left hand side is no problem. Even shifting with my left hand instead of my right hand is ok. I just can't seem to adjust the rearview mirror to really see out of it properly [I dont know] . Oh well, I guess what's behind me doesn't matter [Roll Eyes] , just kidding! Whimsey
I am using Royal Purple 15W40 in my 95 PSD with very positive results. (Not enough miles for a UOA) The results I noticed are all anecdotal, but one is easier starting when it was cold and oil pressure seems to build quicker. The injectors require high oil pressure to fire and they settle quicker at low RPM, no classic romp/romp indicative of the 95 PSD. And the big item is that I have noticed no foaming issues. I will be using the RP oil from now on in this vehicle. I did get the same feel and results using Amsoil 15W40 Full Synthetic also. If you put either one in this truck, I would not know the difference. JMO. [Cheers!]
Switched my truck and the wife's car over to RP in january..Biggest difference is in the car,very quiet starts in the cold weather,before it almost growled when she started it(03 Impala w/3.8).Will do uoa on both when they reach 6k...Will post results for both..
I have run RP 10W30 for about 60k. Then Mobil 1 & Amsoil on and off *lol* Although RP may thin, the add pack itself seems to keep everything internal in order. I agree with Vetteman, the RP 15W40 is a great choice. As far as I know it is spec'd for diesal and gasoline engines. Does anyone know if it is spec'd to Mercedes 228.3? RP 15W40 is one of those "globally" known platforms.
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