Royal Purple "LONGRIDER" HD 10W30

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Nov 26, 2002
Texas & BWI Area
I never knew this stuff was out there. It was added at the last oil change. Apparantely, it is they RP type truckers swear by. Anyone care to comment? The only thing I have noticed over the past oil change is that this RP does not idle hot with low pressure. The standard royal purple did, I suspect this oil may be more shear resistant perhaps. Oil analysis goes off tommorrow we will see.
Originally posted by 59 Vetteman: Outrun, That page you linked to is extremely out of date. This a link to The Long Rider Transportation Marketing, Inc. site. Personally I think they are just that a marketing company and Royal Purple makes their products and puts the Long Rider name on them. I do stand corrected on this if any one has better info. For the most up to date Royal Purple Oil specs, and yes it is CI rated on both the 10W30 and 15W40 oils, and are API certified, so no warranty problems. [Cheers!]
Tha 15w-40 Friction modified oil out performs all but a few gear oils on the Timken test [Cheers!] The SJ additive pack of the 10w-30 would make for a nice performance oil for many . At under 4 bucks a quart it should rival many available synlubes if not better them . Has anyone seen a analysis of the 10w-30 Longrider they can link so we can see the additive package ?
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