Royal purple for Toyota

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Jan 1, 2003
Long Island NY
I've decided to go with Royal purple on my next change, what weight 5w30 or 10w30? The truck is a 2001 4runner v6 3.4 (not the sludge monster 3.0).I live in NY, the truck does not see any towing but almost all in town stop and go.Thanks for any input.
That's easy 10W-30. Generally a 10W can be expected to give better service than a 5W (My limited opinion). I'm sure the pour point of even the 10W is more than adequate.
I use to work for the parts department of "Star Toyota of Bayside", NY before I moved to Montreal and have seen my share of '01 4-runners. Which town of the Island are you in? I believe the owner's manual says 5w-30 and you should stick with that. 5w-30 will give you the best fuel economy also. For while it's worth, the "Toyota Motor oil" you see in the parts department is made by Mobil. Do you have the SR5 or Limited?
Generally, for the best engine protection, use the highest viscosity oil recommended in your owner's manual for the climate you'll encounter. I'd use 10W-30 in all but the coldest part of winter. (Using a viscosity higher than printed in the manual in a country subject to C.A.F.E. is another topic.) Depending on the oil, 10W-30 will retain it's 30 wt. viscosity after some use better than some 5W-30s. RP is a premium oil, of course. You will likely do fine with either one, and get minor mpg savings with the 5W-30. What oil drain interval will you be using?...3000 miles?...use Pennzoil. 7500 miles?...RP will serve fine. Ken [ February 02, 2003, 09:01 PM: Message edited by: Ken2 ]
I've never been a big fan of 5w30 and always recommended 10w30 over it, but I do now believe that for premium synthetics their 5w30 can provide very similar results to 10w30. Sure it's more prone to thinning out due to higher VII, but lately the synthetic 5w30 oil analysis results haven't been showing this. Although dino 5w30 will still thin out easier. But it's my belief that unless you're gonna run extended intervals over 6k or so, you could choose either 5w30 or 10w30 and get very similar results. Even after saying that, I'd say to run 5w30 only in the cold weather, and 10w30 the rest of the time. Just to be safe. 10w30 is still the better built oil.
My recomendation is to do what the owners manual states. Mine says that 10w30 is good from over 100 F down to 0 F so if your temp. are always in this range 10w30. If you live up north and it gets colder than -0 F go with the 5w-30 as that is what my owners manual recomends. It also states not to use this oil in over 100 F temp so keep that in mind. Both Toyota and Mazda owners manuals agree with this. Not sure about the others.
My owner's manual says 5w30 prefered but also says that you can use 10w30 above 0-. When I called Royal Purple, they said that there is no benefit to using the 10w. I was told by one of the Tec's at Royal Purple that they make both a 10w30 and a 5w30 because they have to be able to offer a full product line. He said there is no real benefit in using a 10w as opposed to a 5w. The Tec. went on to tell me that he uses 5w30 in his own car and he lives in TX. I plan on doing my first change at 3000 then upping it to maybe 6000. The Tec. also said since Royal Purple has a very good detergentcy package the first oil analysis may not be completly acurate due to the oil loosening up old wear metals and debris. I will do analysis and post the results. Thanks for the replies.
I will have my wife's first interval with Royal Purple 5w30 finished up in the spring, and will post the oil analysis results, but it'll be a short interval of less than 3k for sure, and since it's the very first interval, plus it's been a very cold winter, I don't expect good results. (I wouldn't expect good results from any oil this winter, it's been terrible here) I do expect the second interval with RP to show it's true colors and predict it to be very good, I will run this interval from springtime until early November, so it should have about 5-6k on it.
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