Rotella T synthetic ok for automobile use

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Jun 7, 2003
Harlan, Kentucky
Hey guys, I just scored some Rotella T Synthetic 5w-40 ( 18 quarts or exactly four changes )for $1.25 a quart tonight at wally's on clearence. I usually run Chevron 10w-30 summer and 5w-30 in winter at 3000 mile changes. My question " is the Rotella T OK to use in a 2002 3.4 chevrolet gasoline engine. If so what interval should I take it too, and would it be good at cleaning the engine. Thanks in advance for your comments.
Some others knows a lot more than me but this is a real good product.However if I am not mistaken the Rotella T doesnt carry the "starbust" sign. That can be an issue if something goes wrong during the warranty period. No wait for the specialists opinion !!
Yes, its OK to run in a gasoline engine. It carries the API SL designation for use in gas engines. I run it in my Jeep Cherokee.
I can be wrong but If I remember correctly the Rotella T carries only the " donut" API logo but not the "Starburst" logo.I own a Montana equipped with the 3.4 and I remember reading that the oil used should carry both symbol.Here is below what the API is saying regarding the symbol: The API Service Symbol The API Service Symbol "Donut" is divided into three parts: The top half describes the oil's performance level. The center identifies the oil's viscosity. The bottom half tells whether the oil has demonstrated energy-conserving properties in a standard test in comparison to a reference oil. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The API Certification Mark The API Certification Mark "Starburst" is designed to identify engine oils recommended for a specific application (such as gasoline service). An oil may be licensed to display the Starburst only if the oil satisfies the most current requirements of the International Lubricant Standardization and Approval Committee (ILSAC) minimum performance standard for this application (currently GF-3 for passenger cars). Many automobile manufacturers recommend oils that carry the API Certification Mark. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ So if you dont have both GM can whine !
Contacted Mobil before I went to Delvac 1 in my newer Jeep engine.They said go for long as the oil says it's SJ/SL rated for mixed fleets you are getting a great additive package for a gasoline engine.Diesel oil has to take more of a *hit-kicking than a regular gas type engine oil.My theory is that putting diesel oil in a gas engine has to be a no-brainer since the gas engine won't put the diesel oil thru any great strains and has to protect the gas engine better. [Big Grin]
Originally posted by Baveux: I can be wrong but If I remember correctly the Rotella T carries only the " donut" API logo but not the "Starburst" logo.
I have four gallons stocked up to use in my 04 Camry 4 cylinder (4 changes). You are correct about the Rotella Syn not carring the "Starburst" logo. My owners manual callled for SL *or* the ILSAC rating (or both). Also the same manual explained oil consumption of a quart per 600 miles is acceptable. This for the folks concerned about poisoning the CAT with phosphorus; as many Toyota engines use very little oil, the added phosphorus in HDEO should not be a concern.
"""My owners manual called for SL *or* the ILSAC rating (or both). """ The word 'or' makes all the difference in the world. I agree that a good diesel oil is preferable. But who wants to mess with the General ? Some can but I wont.
My warranty doesn't mention the doughnut or SL, etc. It requires only oils with the API "starburst" for warranty.
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