Rotella T Synthetic $10.99

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Jan 25, 2003
Decatur AL USA
Not sure what happened to my first post! It is AWOL! A search shows it but when I click on the link I get a post about a Honda Accord! I was wandering through a TA Truckstop (I-94 IL/WI Line) the other day and noticed they had 5W40 Rotella T Synthetic for $10.99. It was not a obvious misprice as standard 15W40 Rotella T Conventional Oil was $8.99. That seems awful cheap for a T/S price. Has Shell reduced the wholesale price? Have they changed the formula in the process? Gene
I moved your other post to the product rebates and promotions section. In doing so, it sends you an email of it's new location (to the email address listed in your profile) I'll leave this topic here in order to allow people to answer your questions regarding the oil. (we move topics to the product rebates section if it's only announcing a special sale, but with no technical questions in it)
Thanks Patman, I thought it might have been moved. I did a search and it came up as still being in this section. I clicked on the link and got a totally different topic. I guess you must have been in the process of moving it?
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