Rotella T syn. in 04 zx6r?

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Mar 14, 2009
anyone running Rotella T (blue bottle)? been hearing lots of good things on some bike forums but just thought i would ask on here. my bike is a 2004 Kawasaki zx6r(636)millage is 25,500, currently running amsoil 10-40 syn bike oil. thanks
Putting it in my Vulcan 2000 tonight and have also heard great things as well. You really cannot go wrong with it and I like the quick starting properties and the syn aspect. Most people on this forum prefer the 15w40 but I figure I change the oil every 3k so it is not a big deal.
Price:Value ratio does it for me. If the Amsoil were better then I'd pay the money, but this Rotella is such a good oil, and now so widely used that with Amsoil all your doing is paying for the name on the bottle at this point. And it's not to say that the Amsoil is inferior, it's not. All their products are top of the food chain. The Rotella (in motorcycle applications) is playing in excatly the same league, may better in some aspects.
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i run the rotella 5-40 in my nissan and it seems to do well and like i said i keep hearing good things about rotella in bikes. i think ill stick with amsoil one last change and do a little more research before switching.
How long are you going with the Amsoil? Amsoil makes really great cycle oils, most that do run it I believe are going minimum 5K intervals. I like to change mine between 2500-3000 miles so I run Rotella 15W40, the syn 5W40, exxon superflo 20W50. I have Val synpower 20W50 in there as I got a case bogo, but if *I* had to chosse one oil to run from here on out, it would be Rotella 15W40 or another hdeo, mobil delvac, Chervon delo, castrol tection etc....
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