Rotella-T syn. 5w-40

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May 9, 2003
Fayetteville, NC
I have seen only 2 UOAs for this oil, and they seem to be good...apart from people who did uoa's, are there any others who used this oil in a gas engine? What were your impressions? (cold starts etc.)local Wal-marts always seem to carry this oil, both in 4 qt jugs and 1 qt bottles, I think. I'm trying to decide on a good/priceworthy 5w/40 oil...are there any DINO 5w/40 oils?(could be a stupid questions for some:-) Thanks.
If I were going to buy a 5w40 HDD oil, I would probably go with delvac 1. But I don't have much to support that, other than what is said by the experts on this forum.
No, there are no group I or II mineral 5w-40's I know of, and I don't want to know of any either, as the amount of VII's in this oil would cause it to shear-down considerable in a short period of time. For the cost of admission, I believe the best 5w-40 is Rotella-T 5w-40. $12.88/gallon at Wal-Mart. [ October 21, 2003, 12:47 AM: Message edited by: Jelly ]
I am using this oil in 3 cars now and 2 or 3 more in summer. My specs require a Euro 5w-40 "like" oil. Rotella offers a fleet oil with greater TBN than oils like Valvoline 5w-40 and Kendall 5w-40, both fine ACEA A3 oils. What is there not to like? It has a solid HT/HS of 4.0, perfect for me in my well-worn VWs that don't get topped-off frequently. It cut consumption way down and smoothed-out these engines. It is GIII BUT NOT hydro-cracked, a parafinic isomerate from Shell's own slack-wax process, an equal to PAOs at $3.25 quart.
I'm running the Rotella T syn 5w40 in my '88 Jeep Cherokee. Seems to be a good price on this oil. No real noticeable changes after switching from dino 10w30, though it does seem to hold a higher pressure at idle than the 10w30 did. It will be a while before I analyze it, part of the reason I went with this oil (higher TBN for longer run through the winter).
I have been using the Rotella in my Scirocco since last winter. This summer I used it instead of 15W-40 and the pressure, temp were identical. My newer VW ( Tdi) gets D-1, 10K mile changes
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