Rotella T 15W40, Yamaha Roadstar 1700, 3679 miles

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Aug 18, 2005
8219 miles on engine, SuperTech 7317 filter, sample taken from filter drainage (brain cramp during change). Aluminum - 6(7) Chromium - 1(1) Iron - 39(27) Copper - 22(18) Lead - 3(3) Tin - 3(4) Moly - 15(37) Nickel - 2(3) Manganese - 1(1) Silver - 0(0) Titanium - 0(0) Potassium - 3(2) Boron - 28(82) Silicon - 9(13) Sodium - 3(4) Calcium - 3001(2530) Magnesium - 22(212) Phosphorous - 916(950) Zinc - 1152(1177) Barium - 1(2) SUS Visc: 76.9 Flashpoint: 430 deg Fuel: < 0.5% Water: 0% Insolubles: 0.3% The first UOA was with M1 15W-50:;f=52;t=000035 Rotella stayed in grade nicely. Iron and moly are probably up because you can't drain all the oil out of this engine without holding it upside down, so there was still about a quart of M1 in there. I'm not sweating it. Although the first UOA was very good, I don't see what paying the premium for synthetic accomplishes, especially since I don't plan to go longer on OCI than this. It shifted fine and made the same racket as on M1.
Thanks. Have you given any thought to using the 5-40 Syn Rotella? I've been running 15-50 in my Vulcan but I'm thinking of switching to the 5-40. Comments?
Depends on if you ride when/where the difference betwene a 5W and 15W is signficant and maybe if you want to extend the drain interval. And what the factory recommends. The dino Rotella is working well enough in my bike for the money that I don't plan to, but YMMV. Ride safe.
the original post is from 05 guys. this is almost 6 years ago! susvis of 76 is WAY in grade!!! i think the background scatter is a bit high. regardless, its from SIX YEARS AGO!!!
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