Rotella T 10W-30 3729 Miles 2008 Subaru Legacy GT

Sequim, WA
Here's the latest on my Legacy GT. The Rotella is proving to be a solid choice for this engine. The copper is still a bit high, but I suspect that is an interaction between the Rotella chemistry and the big, copper oil cooler. The fuel is a bit high likely because the warm-up for this change was all at idle while I changed the coolant and P/S fluid.
    Report Date        18-MAY-09
    Lab	                Blackstone
    Make	        Subaru
    Model	        Legacy GT
    Year	        2008
    Engine	        2.5L Turbo F4
    Miles On Veh.	30,016
    Oil Brand	        Shell
    Oil Series	        Rotella T
    Oil SAE J300	10W-30
    API SX		CJ-4/SM
    Miles on Oil	3729   ~2 months in service
    Aluminum Al	        3
    Chromium Cr  	0
    Iron Fe             5
    Copper Cu           16
    Lead Pb	        1
    Tin Sn	        1
    Molybdenum Mo	2
    Nickel	        0
    Manganese Mn	0
    Silver Ag	        0
    Titanium Ti	        0
    Potassium K	        6
    Boron B	        24
    Silicon Si	        14
    Sodium Na	        4
    Calcium Ca	        2252
    Magnesium Mg	8
    Phosporus P	        1107
    Zinc Zn	        1501
    cST @ 100 C         10.9
    SUS @ 210 F	        61.3
    Flashpoint	        375
    Fuel %	        TR
    Antifreeze %	0.0
    Water %	        0.0
    Insolubles %	0.3
    TBN                 N/A
    Additives	        None
    ***Filters used***
    Air Filter			Subaru OEM
    Oil Filter			Subaru OEM
    Location                    Reno, NV   USA  
Indiana, USA
Where do you get the Rotella 10w30? Here in Chicagoland I can only find it at Menards (big box hardware, think HD) and that only in the winter.


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Sequim, WA
I pick it up at the local Shell distributor. It doesn't cost any more than GTX, QS, Valvoline, etc. at Kragen/Pep Boys. Yes, that zinc number looks to be a bit high. This is what I got last time on he same date code batch: P 1245, Zn 1338. I think we are seeing lab errors in the higher numbers. If any of the labs doing these cheap analysis are within 10%, I'd be surprised. Ed
Nice car, nice oil, nice uoa. \:\! You should change the listed oil filter to: Tokyo Roki, fka OEM. I presume that "big, copper oil cooler" refers to the oem cooler. -Dennis
Bad Axe, MI
 Originally Posted By: addyguy
For CJ-4/SM Rotella, that's a LOT of zinc. Shouldn't it be around 1100-1200?
x2...nice numbers!!!