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Mar 1, 2009
Colorado springs CO, USA
If anyone is looking for great prices on Bridestone/Firestone tires try this web site. I just received my 3rd set from them great price, great service.
Not that I know of but you don't need them, I have access to tirerack wholesale through my job and many other wholesale vendors and even with shipping they can't beat these guys and you don't have to be a jobber to get their best price, the only limitation is they only carry bridgestone/firestone/fuzion tires
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It appears to be a site that was taken over or some spam thing going on. Maybe its because im using internet explorer?

Nope. The address does not have the s on the end. It's tire NOT tires.
Wow. Those are pretty good prices. Looking at the Bridgestone Turanza Serenity in 195/65R15, Roadway is $94.90 each plus $36 for shipping, or $415.60 delivered. Plus, say, $50 for installation, and I'm at $465.60 installed. Not bad!

Tire Rack is not even close, at $110 each, and $44 for shipping, for a total of $484. Or $534 installed. Loser. I've never found Tire Rack to have the best price on a set of tires...EVER. This is no exception.

Even Firestone Complete Auto Care beats Tire Rack, at $109.99 each. Even if they charged $20 EACH to install (they don't), they're still at $520 out the door.
I made a mistake with them a few years back and apologize. They used to have the absolute best prices for Yokohama Neovas. I tried to see if a local Discount Tire would pricematch. Shortly after, they no longer sold Yokohama tires

Roadwaywholesaletire looks good. Are there other online retailers to recommend?
For tires they are the best I've found and I've spent considerable time looking around, If your looking for good tool prices, (NOT MADE IN CHINA) on name brands like dewalt,ingersoll-rand and the like. has some of the best prices i've found...
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