RMI-25 trial

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Jan 10, 2005
Well, I'll be a guinea pig for this stuff I bought the 32 oz bottle and put in 8oz in a 92 Blazer 4.3 and 8oz in a 2000 blazer 4.3. Been running a week and no weird deposits floating around the overflow. Time will tell...
Forgot to add the 2000 Has 164,000 mi and coolant was flushed once at 130,000 dex-cool re-installed. The 1992 has 190,000mi condition of regular coolant unknown other than it tested good with the squeeze ball meter.
Sounds good, it probably isn't going into the OT because you don't have slime in there, good news. It usually takes about a week or two before it shows up, when it's cold take off the rad cap and see if there is any gel at all around the lip of radiator, that's where it first shows.
iceberg, let us know how it goes. If I keep finding these great reviews like what Shelby and others have posted, I will use it in my radiator. I want to give the Amsoil coolant a little while longer so I can see just how good it holds up.
I'll update if anything changes. No deposits or crud is fine with me. Like stated that means it's probably clean to begin with. From their website it looks like it "freshens up" the coolant anyways, so I feel this is money well spent. It was $37 shipped for 32oz but it is enough for 4 cars. $9.25 a car thats not bad at all. What is a "piece of mind worth" anyway.
I need to start a trial and have the perfect guinea pig. While topping off(leaky hose), I noticed and was surprised at the amount of crud buildup inside the radiator. Surprised because antifreeze is always very clean and has a maintenance history.
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