RLI (bio synth) 5w20 how to find info?

Apr 18, 2017
Fort Worth TX
Hey everyone, so I bought a 5 gallon pail of Bio Synthetic oil by RLI in the 5w20 grade, how can I find more info about this oil? I did a search on the forum and couldnt find much. Just found specs and I have no idea how to read them and if this oil is any good? I am looking for something comparable to pennzoil/mobil1 Viscosity @ 100°C ------ 8.5 Viscosity @ 40°C ------- 48.2 Viscosity Index -------- 152 Flash point -------- 220C Pour point --------- -42C HTHS------ <2.6 NOAK 10 TBN.....7.8 Is this a good oil? How long should it be good for?
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