RLI 10W30HD 6,012 2001 Silverado

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Jul 28, 2005
So. Cal
This UOA was the unusual combination of 4 QTS of RLI's 10W30HD and 2 QTS RLI's 0W30 PCMO motor oils. These oils where left over from previous Renewable Lubricant oil purchases. Both Renewable and TD did not recommend these oils to be combined for HDEO purposes but blessed their compatibility to be used as PCMO. (Renewable Lubricants does not recommend their oils to be mixed across viscosities or types as one would expect.)

This oil was in service for almost a year of 50/50 So. California city and highway driving while using Purolator PureONE oil and air filters. This engine with 52K miles had both Seafoam (midway) and GM Top Engine Cleaner (end) intake application treatments during this eleven month OCI. This vehicle is driven in a normal manner with the dip stick reading a half quart low with no makeup oil added.

Previous OCI where (left to right):

1). RLI 0W30 PureOne oil filter
2). GC with 6oz. LC 20 PureOne oil filter
3). GC with 6oz. VSOT EaO64 oil filter
4). GC with 6oz. VSOT EaO64 oil filter

Looks great....coulda been run for double the miles and at least 6 months longer with that TBN/viscosity!

Considering you used 2 engine cleaners, the dissolved metals and everything are remarkably low.
Originally Posted By: Bowser
Renewable Lubricants does not recommend their oils to be mixed across viscosities or types as one would expect.

FWIW, they happily recommended mixing their gear oils to me when I wanted a viscosity and a level of friction modifier that they didn't offer out-of-the-box. They sold me two gear oils that are identically formulated besides the base stocks and FM content, so there were no issue with competing chemistry.

If they recommend against mixing their engine oils, I'd have to imagine there's something to it. In your case, though, I have a feeling they were just erring on the safe side and just wanted you to have a full HDEO oil since you have a truck.

Either way, nice report. Given the chemical treatments and OCI length, I think the RLI did nicely for you.
Held up really well for a year - TBN, visc., and flash are impressive, especially considering the cleaners used. Tough add-pack on those oils, look at that zinc! Wear numbers are low for a GM V-8.

You could go 2 years on this oil if you wanted, but I can understand not wanting to do that.
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