RL - $2 qt for a 2005 Accord?

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Nov 16, 2002
Most know Ive not been a fan of RL, but when two of the most knowledgable people on here like it, it's hard to pass up. Local Advance Auto manager would sell his stock out to me for $2qt. 5w-20, 5w-30, 10w-30 and 10w-40. Think this would be a good fit for the Honda 2.4?
I don't believe the 2.4 requires 20 wt. does it?? Anyway I like the RL for an additive. Maybe using a quart or half a quart. Great, great deal.
HA! I knew this was comming. I'm looking into it.
TS just gave me a good idea, run in the wife's Focus. [Cool]
Running $8/qt oil in a Focus just doesn't seem right. I got a feeling it's gonna' generate some bad karma. You might better contact your Feng Shui consultant and Astrological advisor before you take such drastic measures. [Big Grin]
I know, RL in the Focus is a funny idea. I ended up buying 11 quarts of the 5w-20 for $4qt. Guy wouldn't go to $2 as he said earlier. Ended up going to another Advanced Auto and the store manager said they are selling a TON of the new M1 EP oil.
Buy up all the $2/qt. 5w-20 RedLine you can and use it the 6 warmest months of the year. Maybe even mix in a qt. of 10w-30 RedLine. The other part of the year, mix in a qt. of RedLine 5w-20 with whatever you decide to use.
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