RIP Don Cornelius

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Apr 13, 2009
Miami-Dade County
Don Cornelius started Soul Train in 1971 in Chicago before it went nationwide..He was 75 years old..Soul Train is the longest running syndicated dance show..He died from a self inflicted gunshot..RIP Don!
Looks like Corvette Owner brought up an interesting point. Ironically, I was just on CNN's website where they interviewed Gladys Knight today. She said that Don was in fact sick and had lost quite a bit of weight. Sadly, I wouldn't be surprised if this had been a factor to today's tragedy. Poor guy. He contributed a lot to the history of American music and culture. I remember growing up to that kind of music in the 70s and it was fun. Thanks Don and we wish you love, peace and souuuullll!
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Hard to feel sorry for a woman beater.
Good point. Even for all the good he did (as described on my previous post), his domestic violence episodes are definitely amongst the things I will not condone. In fact, I get upset very easily when women are beaten, raped and abused (physically or mentally). I was dating a girl years ago and another couple we knew were both friends of ours. When my girlfriend told me how he was abusing his girlfriend, I just about promised to her that I would clean his clock the next time he did it. Well, that opportunity never came. Good thing as I could have ended up in a jail cell.
I only know of Don Cornelius from the Beastie Boys song Flute Loop - "more soul on this train than Don Cornelius..." shrug
As I understand it he had brain surgery 10 years or so ago and said he never felt the same afterward. After the surgery he got divorced.
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