RIP : Ac Delco Jack

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Jan 11, 2005
I HAD a acdelco 2 ton jack a few hours ago lol... i was changing a flat tire my dad got on his car when i asked him to pull the handbrake/chock the back wheel, we were talking and we forgot, im raising the car up and the car started to creepforward, then the jack was on 2 wheels and the car stopped creeping, then i was like oh Shoot wat now.... so i lowered the jack slowly and all was ok, i had to use the scissor jack (oem) to get the job done but it worked. when i looked at the jack, it was all bent and deformed. wat can i do? [ February 28, 2005, 08:25 PM: Message edited by: joee12 ]
I had one of those pieces of junk here too..for maybe an hour before I boxed it back up and returned it to Wal-Mart. Just be glad you didn't get injured or your car maimed. Jacking, especially if you aren't using the proper tool or procedures, can be very dangerous.
I had one for about two uses and it failed (would not lift). Took it back to Sears and got a better Sears 3 ton jack. Works OK. I know there are much better Jacks but they cost alot more than about $80 or so.
Is that one of those generic 4 wheel hydraulic jacks? I had to put extra oil in mine to get it to lift all the way up. I think it came from walmart, it's just some no-name grey thing but it is way better than the jacks supplied with cars. The manufacturer probably saved piles and piles of money by only half filling all of the jacks. Steve
Originally posted by Morcos: it was all bent and deformed. wat can i do?
Throw it away!
Originally posted by yugrus: Oops, I was thinking on buying one for myself... What is the good jack then?
If you want a half-decent jack for a good price, check out Princess Auto. My buddy picked up a 3 ton jack with about a 20" lift height for $80. It was the non-"speedy-lift" jack. They sold speedy lift 3 ton jacks for $20 more, but it just didn't have a good positive feel when jacking with weight on it. I bought one of those cheap $20 jacks and some stands when I was 1000km from my real tools with my car sitting in an apartment parking lot with a dead starter during a summer job. For $40 (plus a starter) I got her going! I leave it and the stands in my mom's garage and it has come in handy for changing tires and the occasional oil change when the real garage has a non-functional car in it. Really not too bad for $20!
Go to sears and get a craftsman 3 ton floor jack. If you look around, you can get the one that comes with 3ton jackstands and a creeper, for 99.99.
Originally posted by drive it forever: I think GM should "rethink" about selling their famous ac-delco name to whoever is making the junk ac-delco tools I've seen.
GM doesn't seem to care about their name look at the products they produce. Low on quality high on price,
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