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Apr 24, 2006
Question about rims.... I've got a couple of older 10-speeds (Masi and Proteus) with soe-ups. I don't need the hastle of the glueing etc. to save a few ounces anymore. I went to a bicycle shop recently to see if there is any "new technology that would allow for a easier set-up as far as tires go, and they do have a tire which is held in place with a tape but the tires and tape would cost about 200$ for each bike--OUCH! Any suggestions?? Any new clincher rim set-ups that would be easier and cheaper? Thanks.
Roadbikereview has an excellent forum on vintage bikes. Check out Sheldon bikes, also. If memory serves, Masi was a well respected, high end bike in it's day. Check for it's value as a collectable. Ebay often has vintage wheelsets. Your's is probably 27" vs. 700C??? Maybe you could have new rims built on your hubs? Still pricey, though. I used to ride sew-ups a long time ago, but today's clinchers are awesome. Good luck.
Well, I like today's tires also. However it has been years since I have even seen those. I found that some local bike shops sell used wheels removed for upgrades. Chris
Thanks for the responses--- Doitmyself; yes, The Masi was and is pretty nice. Didn't know it might be collectable. I guess I payed over 1k about 25 years ago or so. I have not used it for a longtime. For that matter the Proteus is also nice, handbuilt by a shop in College Park MD maybe 30 years ago but they both have sew-ups. Any particular clinchers you know of that are good/light etc. Cost? Thanks.
I have seen a perfectly restored early 70s Masi go for over 5000 on eBay. As for your rims...they're probably 27" if the bike is 25 years old. I'd recommend spending the $200 to have new clincher rims built up on your existing hubs, if you plan to ride the bike.
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