Riker's Island - how much is this gonna cost us?

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May 27, 2015
Looks like there's been a lot going on at this detention center. Unfortunately, the taxpayer is on the hook again for employees who can't control themselves even with surveillance cameras present.
NEW YORK (Reuters) - Two jail guards who have worked at New York City's Rikers Island complex were arrested on Wednesday on federal charges stemming from an assault that led to the death of an inmate there in December 2012. The city agreed last year to pay $2.75 million to settle a lawsuit by Spear's family.
New York (AFP) - An American man held for nearly three years as a teenager without trial at a notorious New York prison who later inspired efforts to reform the complex has committed suicide, officials said Monday. Browder was arrested in 2010 and taken to Rikers Island as a 16-year-old for allegedly stealing a backpack, a crime he said he did not commit. The New Yorker magazine took up his case. He was kept for two years in solitary confinement and had attempted to kill himself several times. Rare surveillance footage, obtained by the magazine in April, showed him abused on two separate occasions. In 2012, a guard escorted a handcuffed Browder to the shower, and violently hurled him to the floor.
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Who's exactly is us? I'm not stupid enough to be ta taxpayer in New York.
...way to be a jerk about it Some of us don't have a choice as of now I'll move to Jersey, that'll be cheaper and less corrupt /s
The case of the teenager is particularly sad. Those involved are due some for some introspection, although I doubt they are familiar with the word. Two guards are being punished? A fellow I use to work with was fond of the saying "The fish rots from the head."
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This movie will explain the justice system in clear and simple terms. When this movie was released a New York judge stated that it should be considered a documentary film.
Nothing new here. The critical justice system has been corrupt for as long as there have been criminals. As long as you have people to blindly support all of its actions out of feat of "the bad guys", this will continue to go on.
The scary thing is that you really don't know what those detention officers are up to. At least the police are beginning to realize that they can be easily recorded.
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