RGT VOA - 0W-20+5W-30 (60/40 mix)

Sep 26, 2010
I scored 115 QTs of 0W-20 and 80 QTs of 5W-30 for the AAP RGT sale and have decided to run it in a 60/40 mix. A VOA of the mix for any who are interested from Polaris Labs.

My 5K run had the TBN at 2.68 (down from 6.44). My viscosity also sheared a bit from 9.6 to 8.7, meaning it started as a light xW-30 and ended as a heavy xW-20. There was 3-4K RPM sprints for miles during the 5,500 mile road trip where the 3.6L would downshift to 6 or 5 to maintain the 75+ MPH speed in headwinds and mountains. Despite that, the wear metals were good as was the gas mileage.

All in all I am happy with RGT (heck, I better be--200K worth in the stash).

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Jul 22, 2018
I have almost this exact mixture in my 4Runner right now. 3.5 quarts of RGT 0w-20 and 3 quarts of RGT 5w30. Had some left over 0w-20 and decided to dump it in. About 100 miles on it so far. I kind of chuckled when I saw your post. What are the odds! VOA looks good as I figured it would. No problem running this 5k miles.
Apr 28, 2012
thanks for posting this.

I’m running the RGT 0w20 in my Tundra, but was considering doing exactly this type of mix in the spring when I start towing my travel trailer and hauling gravel. Toyota says I can run a heavier oil when using the truck at “extreme speeds or extreme loads”. Was thinking of either doing this or going to a very light 30wt