RGT for >7,500 miles?

Can you even find rgt anymore? thought it was extinct by now.
Apparently available at my local NAPA based on what I'm seeing online but I have a big stash of 5w-30 from the Autozone clearance and IIRC Tractor Supply matching AAP markdown price. I seem to remember it was $10.xx plus tax and a $10 rebate at both AZ and Tractor Supply.

Have been running PP in the Cruze but coming to the realization after the current Walmart clearance on Valvoline and the Amazon Basics 0w-40 deal that I better use the RGT in my Cruze or it is not going to get used.
CarbonSteel pointed out the TBN before … So I’m also just doing 5K in the Rubicon …
Not a big thing since it’s easy to change - one jug - no ramps …
Almost every UOA has it being below the 1.0 TBN by the 7-8k mark. I wouldn't run it past 7500 and even then, that would be stretching it. I'm more inclined to change it 5-6k range.
While good advice, it definitely depends on a given engine and its usage habits.

In a PFI engine that sees all highway miles, this 7.5k OCI may be a no-brainer. In a turbo GDI that is short-tripped and all city miles, it would greatly thin the herd capable of handling that kind of OCI. As you pointed out, in-service OAs and topping up after the sample would be the appropriate way to determine max safe OCI on any given oil.
If its on ramps.. you cant reach the oil fill.. and I'm 6'2"
the drain plug drains directly into the swaybar.. so you get it going over the top.. hitting the top and splashing
hitting the side and going all over
hitting the bottom and shooting up the other side all over.
If I may make a recommendation on something to try...
Look at a plastic oil jug. Cut it in half. Use the top half (cap end) inverted to redirect oil to a pan. Granted you'd need to hold it.
It likely depends on the engine, but at 5K miles, the TBN for RGT in my 3.6L was about 2.5. I would surmise it would be in the low 2.x/high 1.x range at 7,500 miles, so I would not think it would go past that, but it all depends.
That's good to see to counter the other UOA's showing super low TBN.
I think it all depends on the engine and the driving style. The 3.6L in my Wrangler is MPI and it also had a TBN of 2.5 at 5K miles. For me, I would not go past that and certainly not 7.5K+
If I may make a recommendation on something to try...
Look at a plastic oil jug. Cut it in half. Use the top half (cap end) inverted to redirect oil to a pan. Granted you'd need to hold it
Doesnt fit. The plug is on the back of the oil pan so it shoots out horz. towards rear.. sway bar is right there and slightly lower.

That isnt the main pain I can move the oil pan around to get most of it.. but the spray and splatters makes a mess.
Its the filter that is the pain. I can usually reduce most of the mess with a ziplock but you have to fish it up there and around the filter and then finish loosening the filter.. wait 30s. then remove the filter into the bag.. then wait for the rest to drain out. it is considerable.
last time the bag slipped out of my hand.. at the last step.
On a lift or pit I'm sure its much easier.. to get your arm up there at the right angle.. did I mention my right shoulder isnt 100%?

I just looked and I have some M1 5w30EP in the basement.. that might be going in next.
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I purchased some RGT 5w20 and 0w20 during the ‘Clearance’ and
figured it was similar to QSUD because some on this site said things to that effect. I can’t believe SOPUS would put out an inferior synthetic on purpose so I’m assuming RGT is on par with other SOPUS syns. as well as some competitors. Since a 7.5k OCI is about my max. comfort zone on any syn. I’ll treat RGT the same as them (usually changing around 6k).
I have a bit left and using in the Jeep … it’s not even GTL so I think several above have cautioned correctly on moderate OCI’s …
As others have mentioned in other threads about this oil, it’s not touted as a longish drain oil. I got 7 or 8 jugs of it when it was on clearance. 5000ish miles will be ok for me