Review of KBS gas tank sealer kit

Upstate NY
I thought I would let fellow BITOG know what they get for $50. I bought the small kit (3 to 5 gallon gas tank) which contains a container of cleaner/degreaser, a container of their rust prep product and a small container of the actual sealer.

You will need a shop vac that can blow air and a hose small enough to go inside the gas tank.

The tank needs to be empty and not attached.

The cleaner will remove varnish and other contaminants. It gets diluted 1 to 1 with water. You need to rotate the tank every hour so it hits all 6 sides. Let soak for up to 24 hours. Flush with water and dry via vac hose on blow stuffed into the tank.

Next up is the rust prep product. You need to use it from 30 to 60 minutes rotating the tank from side to side every 4 to 5 minutes. Then flush with water and dry via vac hose.

Next is the actual sealer. The small paint can is a PIA to open. Like its double sealed. You pour the entire contents in and start to slowly roll the tank around so the product covers all sides. You can maybe see the bottom of the tank with a flashlight to see how fast the product moves. I would describe the product that is runs or flows down a side as you angle. You cannot shake the tank and expect it to cover all sides like you could if there was water in the tank. The product flows slowly. So one needs to keep rotating it around trying to have it coat all 6 sides. After 30 minutes of rotating turn upside down and let excess run/drip out. Wipe up any excess drips that may form on the filler neck.

Let the tank dry for 4 days to a week. Then good to go.

If the sealer gets on your hands I had to use brake cleaner to get it off.

I tried a heat gun to dry the tank and while its hot air there is not enough air flow and no hose that can be stuffed into the tank to blow air at the bottom of the tank.

You need to have time and patience to do this. I would clean the shop vac hose in the sink before you use it to dry as you will be blowing a lot of air through it into the gas tank and do not want dirt to be blown into the gas tank.

You can use EvapoRust on the tank before starting the tank sealing process. Depends upon how much rust. EvapoRust turns dark or black quickly (used up) in a rusty gas tank at $20/gallon.
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