Reuse Strut pinch bolts?

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Jun 1, 2013
Albany, NY
Working on a 95 Continental(same in that respect as a taurus till 07). Due to the salt the front M14X100 partial thread strut bolts needed tons of pounding, impacting, and hammering to get out. One is a bit bent and the nuts are a bit mushroomed (but they slide in fine) and the nuts can be tightend.

Wondering if I should replace this hardware? It is about $60 with a discount and there is no aftermarket. I don't really trust hardware store bolts, and the flanged head is impossible to find. Being that there is no aftermarket I would say these bolts are just put back with locktite and the customer sent on his way.
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I would not use the old ones. One will break and the guy will be staring you in the face with a rattle and blaming you for it. I would replace them.
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Probably right. I'm rolling the bent bolt on my desk and two quarters can fit under it in the up position. I'm sure it lost strength from what it went thru.

Also, the manual suggests replacement even if they just slide out.
What is the thread? They have 10.9 bolts at the auto parts stores that seem decent, but you might need washers.
If it's the same as a Taurus, then there should be a pinch bolt kit for it. I think Monroe still offers them for reasonable. The part number is AK52. Couldn't find the thread diameter and pitch after some searching, so maybe your auto parts house has some info.
M14X100 partial thread strut bolts

So they are M14 X 100mm long? M14x2.0 would be course and M14x1.5 would be fine thread.

Most Ace hardware have USA made 10.9 M14x2.0 and 1.5 bolts and hardened nuts and washers. These will works fine.
The Ace hardware here has even 12.9 grade hex bolts which are rare.
Those are for older tauruses, they won't fit
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