Return of Pontiac Firebird/Trans Am for 2015?

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Mar 19, 2009

A friend of mine knows my history with Pontiacs and said I must be happy about the announcement. What announcement? He says just google a little and you'll find it. I think someone is pulling my leg. Due at dealers end of the year/beginning of next. Weird. Not complaining.
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Does this mean they're bringing back Pontiac? Seems like that would have to take place first.
Searching Google News turns up nothing. I'm betting all the blog posts and such are just rumor & hype. Especially since Pontiac doesn't exist anymore, and there are no Pontiac dealers to deliver the cars to...
ever since the current gen Camaro came out, there have been folks doing "Firebird" body kits for them. mostly "one-offs" but I'm sure there are parts in a catalog somewhere to accomplish the look.

there are also kits out there to make your Challenger into a 'Cuda.

almost anything you can think of exists in the custom car scene.
That's the ZTA Trans Am Apperance Package. Not a GM product, and not a Pontiac (who will remain dead for the foreseeable future). It's still a Camaro, titled as a Camaro, with a body kit on it. They have been available for at least a couple years now.

I think that "Upcoming cars 2014" website that implies that the Trans Am will be back for 2015 is just some kind of hit generator for Google AdSense or something.
Yea,and the "Cuda is coming back along with Plymouth.Not!
A revived Mercury could bring out a new Marauder too..
A comeback from the depths AMC could offer up a new AMX...
Wont happen.
Looks amazing, although anything is an improvement over the IMO ugly 2014 Camaro. Hate the look of them.
I actually prefer the look of the ZTA and other kits to a stock Camaro too. I haven't seen one in person to judge fit & finish, but from pictures the overall look of the kits is good. It's retro done right, and actually a little less "Hot Wheels" looking than a production Camaro. I really like the ones with modernized "snowflake" wheels.
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