Retorquing Cummins oil cooler bolts?

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Oct 14, 2005
Schafflund, Germany
I retorqued the oil cooler bolts on our CDC Cummins C8.3 today. Some of the bolts appeared to be bit looser than the others. These M8 bolts got about 24 Nm or 18 ft-lbs, actually twice. The oil cooler was painted afterwards.

Was this just no good, what do you think?
Not sure I understand the question.

Are you asking why the bolts became loose? My guess is either an old gasket or underwear gnomes.
Hello Onion,

I just wanted somebody to tell whether it is a bad thing to retorque these bolts. Will it harm the old gasket?

As for underwear gnomes, I've heard that Cat ELC comes with them!

Our next coolant purchase is likely going to be JD Cool Gard II. Are you aware of this "new" formula?

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No, re-torquing those bolts won't hurt a thing. Might even fix a leak.

Don't know much about Cool Guard II, as I no longer work at a John Deere dealership. But it's definitely not the old G05 formulation. The label calls it a tri-organic formula... whatever that means.

In general (but with a few exceptions over the years), I trust John Deere engineering. I was impressed with their products and support compared to other equipment makes that I've worked on. But IF (and it's just an 'if' right now) they've switched to a 2eha coolant, then I'm going to have to either reevaluate my opinion of Mother Deere or eat crow.
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