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Just a little update.

We subscribed to Zillow in eight areas west of the Mississippi River. Every single area we are tracking had an increase of over ten percent in home values in the past year. Every single oneThis includes areas with decreasing population like Douglas Arizona (one of the very few locations in AZ that is losing populations.

We have a wedding to attend next Saturday in Phoenix. I took the following Sunday and Monday off work, and will head to Sierra Vista to take a look around. It is close to Fort Huachuca, where I may be able to find employment that matches my prior skillsets.
We're staying put, house is paid off, no state taxes on SS. cost of living here in the San Joaquin valley is not high compared to the rest of the state, besides momma don't want to move. :LOL:
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My wife and I travel through Tehachapi (lower right side on map) on road trips to the southwest. We've even had dinner and spent the night there a few times when we've had enough driving for the day. We've always found Tehachapi to be rather nice.

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I have a different perspective, if you are retire why not just rent for some time. If you do not like the area, just moved very easily done.

I have some older friends w/ houses and see all the problems that they go through just for basic maintenance. My plan is to sell my house moved and just rent in different places to see what I been missing.
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We‘re 20 minutes from my daughter and my two grandchildren. Guess where I’m moving to? Nowhere. Actually don’t mind it. I could move to Tennessee and sit on my porch,alone,admiring my property tax bill or have my grandkids 2 exits away. To each his own I guess.