Results from Auto-RX flush = Saturn SL2 '95 with 344,500 miles

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Aug 4, 2002
Laguna Beach, CA
The initial results are in: After effecting the Auto-RX flush on my Saturn, for my oil consumption had fallen down to 362/qt, I went through the special procedures for Saturns. Up until and through the procedure, I had been using Quaker State straight 30 weight. For the 2,500 miles AFTER the procedure, I continued to use the straight 30 weight. At that time, I decided to go through my usual oil change, while I was STILL using oil at est 360 - 375 miles / quart.
I then decided to move up to 10w30 (Quaker State) (( I get it at 69 cents per quart)).

My oil consumption has not dropped down substantially = to 885 miles per qt of oil. Granted, this is my initial, but accurate, reading. I would be very suprised to learn that the drop in consumption was EXCLUSIVE TO the change in oil weight. I sensing that it may well be a combination of the Auto-Rx effort AND the change to 10w-40.

I'll issue a follow-up to this report in about two-three weeks, as the time window will produce a more valid consumption picture.

I should note:
I drive 125 miles a day, 99 % freeway driving at 2,200 - 2,400 RPMs, automatic transmission.


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I know you get the QS cheap, but if I were you, id go with a diesel oil, in the 15w-40 variety. It will stang up to more than a 10w-30, and also will be tougher than a 10w-40... I know QS makes a diesel oil in the 15w-40 weight, if you could get that, Id go with it. it should also help to keep things clean, as diesel oils have more detergents...


Originally posted by JHZR2:
I know you get the QS cheap, but if I were you, id go with a diesel oil, in the 15w-40 variety.

or a straight 50W oil! jeesh! Even if it costs more, you will consume a lot less.
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