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Oct 11, 2002
Pullman WA
I've used a product called "Restore" in two cars I've had in the past, a 1989 Mirage with 157,000 miles and a 1992 Buick Skylark with 105,000, I use dino oil in both (castrol gtx and havoline) and it seemed to make the cars idle better and provide a little more power, especially in the Mirage, has anyone else ever used "Restore" with any success? It claims to fill in the scratches in cylinder walls for better compression. Any information would be appreciated. Thanks.
I used it in my old S10 Blazer 4.3 with 135k on it. It was running good before but after Restore I noticed I didn't have to give it as much gas going 75+ anymore. I was suprised. So far its pretty much the only additive that I think works and does what it advertises to to. Oh and welcome aboard! Jason
I've tried it too on my old Volvo 240 and Merc 280S. Makes the engine start very easy. Dont know whether it harms the engine though. [ October 14, 2002, 05:56 AM: Message edited by: BOBISTHEOILGUY ]
I would think if a engine had scoring of the cylinder walls or pits fom rust and setting for some time or weak rings the Schaeffers #132 would be the ticket. Less than 1/2 the price and would not affect the bearings or clog the filter.
i had an old wheel horse garden tractor with an 8 hp kohler and low compresion so low it was hard to start,i drained the oil, poured in a whole can of restore then topped off with 30 wt. no more starting probs, so i promptly sold it [Happy]
I think all vehicles go through a life cycle. Restore is a bit like an Earl Scheib paint job. You wouldn't want to put it in (or on) a two year old car-- but if it keeps that old beater going a bit longer, what's the harm.
It says on the website and the cans that its an "extreme pressure lubricant" or something along those lines so it doesn't seem to be one of those additives like "smoke be gone" that may actually fix the problem but cause more harm to the engine (sludging up with this stuff) I have no idea just how slippery it actually is or the viscosity but I would like to know. Anyone have clues as to what are either of these in numerical form or how it compares to other additives? It did make the blazer run smoother and a guy I know has a 77 Ford LTD with a 460 and 95k miles said it made a big difference in how smooth it runs. Jason
i use restore in my car and really i can feel a differnce in response. yet im not sure about the lubrication and or the damage that is in the engine. i was reading an article on tests of regular base oils and what attracted my attention was that oils try to help your engine and an additive like restore or any other additive may depleate the oil that is in there already. i have no statistics to prove this but it is a concideration. thats the silver can right?? bluish inside? i wish bob would do a little test on this popular product. i have a 91 accord with 146k on it and a really good running engine..hoping to keep it that way. (10w-40-->switching down to 10w-30)
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