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Jun 8, 2002
Elizabethtown, Pa
It seems that when questions are asked only a small number of people out of this huge number of members respond. I wonder why. There has got to be a lot of expertise out there.

I know I respond more than I feel I should (Aka "Post Whoring"
) But I do that mainly bc I feel I can contribute some useful information. But I really feel there may be those out there who can respond in a more knowledgeable fashion. I am concerned that some may feel intimidated that just I (and others)have been here a while and have a lot of posts and are the "sacred cows" of the board. Please don't feel that way.

And here I go adding another useless post. BTW I put it here instead of off topic bc I didn't feel it was "Off Topic" . But Mods- feel free to move
I don't post very often because I don't think I have enough knowledge to give advice. Although, I must admit, this does not always stop me from giving advice.
I'm into ham radio too, and my same feelings apply there as well. I feel I learn much more by listening.
my knwledge, is pretty limited, but I'm learning a great deal...and therefore also a lot of questions.
Soemtimes I'm a lttle backward about posting, 'cause I fear the quesions are too simple, and I might annoy someone by asking a lot of "simple" questions...
But I try to ask as much as I can, depending on how comfortable I feel about it..

However, this is a great site; very addictive.
Stages of BiTOG

1) Lurker (unfortunately some people never grow)
2) That first post
3) Post 2-XX (number varies by past experience)
4) Exspurt (all answers are BS)
5) Oil analysis Exspurt (see above)
6) Finally the light bulb comes on
7) Humbleness - answer about 1 post per day (every third day post a correct answer)
8) Ability to answer correctly within comfort zone
9) Use of spell check, and venturing into zones of real knowledge
10) Usually busy but will answer pat questions
11) Can usually be believed
12) Able to rebut Patman, G-man, etc
13) Able to rebut Terry, Molacule, etc
14) Able to rebut Bob
15) Oil nirvana
16) Oil God

This will take many years.
I only post responses when I know I can give a knowledgeable reply (which isn't often!) but sometimes I have something to say but find that someone else has already said the same thing. Since I don't want to clutter the boards with repetitive info, I don't post in that situation.
I post what I want too. People can ignore me, and I skip what I am not interested in. But yeah, too much garbage can bury the good stuff.
I used to ask questions and answer posts a lot when I just signed up as a member of BITOG. Now I'm sort of lazy to login and type.
Besides I think that there are a number of experienced and knowledgeable people here smarter than I am. Also I don't think my opinion appreciated and welcomed here. You know: Not too many posts, what a heck does he know, and etc.
Saw a post recently to which I had a certain interesting info, but what a heck who would listen to me, right? So, I didn't bother replying.
But since I logged in now I might as well reply it to 2 posts.

Hmm, I like to post alot in my other home forums however with BITOG I restrain myself, mainly cos its always the usuals that get there first.
Even though this is slightly off topic, I think it should remain here for one big reason:

I know we've got lurkers on here with some major information!

I see everyone who signs up in here, and we've got a lot of people who work for oil and oil related companies. But a lot of them never speak up.

We could definitely benefit from their knowledge, so hopefully they see this and join in the discussions.
I find in the UOA section people only post when there is something WRONG with the UOA. My first UOA garnered a hole 7 posts. It was actually a good report for Valv AC.
i myself try to help when i can with information. but only relevant or unbiased information is what i give out. usually when someone posts and i had a similar problem i will share. but if i dont know, i wont ask, yet if i dont know and want to know more...heck yea ill ask

i remember before when this board went up and i registerd there were ALOT of responses all the time....yet now it has slowed.

i understand that some people just have no input but that doesnt mean to sit back and watch...hehe discussions is what makes us all smartter and better people...

i thank those who had helped me in the past with my questions.

...hope bob is doing alright.
Sometimes people are afraid to post a reply because maybe others have not posted on their threads. I have seen some threads with zero responses. That does not build confidence with new members. It also seems that synthetic UOA get many more responses than conventional oil. Not everyone uses synthetic oil. I also know that when a post get's real controversial some people will not post, especially when they stick a foot in their mouths- like I have in the past. I am just now feeling more confident to post again after going a bit to far in the explosive SUV thread of a few weeks back. Just some thoughts.
I would also encourage people to speak up. There are plenty of knowledgeable members on this site, but it's usually the same people who are answering questions. Don't be afraid to post guys, if you have an answer to a question, let it fly
A lot of us relative newbies ask a bunch of questions, but refrain from answering questions because of respect and lack of knowledge. There are a couple dozen people here on the board who command respect just with their obvious wealth of knowledge. And those people are the ones we want answering our questions. We know from time spent reading their replies that we can trust their judgements.

Basically I think we are a pretty good group of newbies. We keep our mouthes shut when we don't have anything intelligent and useful to say, and when we do answer, its usually well thought out and accurate to the best of our ability.
I try to respond, and usually end up learning instead of helping (the recent freezer test topic). Every time I think I get this oil thing figured out, I find out I'm still in the dark.

I know it's
, but I'm still not sure why there are multi-viscosity group IV & V oils when they have such a low pour point to begin with. A group IV SAE 30 should pump easier at -40F than a dino 5w-30.
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