Reply from Netzero race team regarding race oil

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Jun 10, 2002
Chattanooga, TN
Wish they would just say that they cannot reply to certain questions for whatever reasons in lieu of partial responses.

A few years ago the Amsoil dealer near the RIR here sold multiple cases of the 0W30 to NASCAR teams to be used in qualifying but no idea what they used for the race.
Could I ask who at the race team provided this answer? I know them pretty well so I'm personally curious. You can send me the info via PM if you prefer.

For the record your answer is pretty much the same thing I've been saying in previous "What kind of oil is used in NASCAR?" threads. So I'm not questioning the accuracy of your info.
It sounds like these race teams use oils like Amsoil/Mobil 0w-30's for the qualifying runs then run Amsoil/Mobil 1 15w/20w-50 oils for the actual race. Makes sense. I wonder if Rusty Wallace stated whether or not they are running the Mobil R oil the whole race time.
I emailed the Netzero race team several weeks ago about the oil they use in their cars. I emailed this team because I am a huge Ward Burton fan and had their information handy.

I asked what viscosity the qualifying and race oil was if any difference, brand, and synthetic or not. The answer I got was a "part" answer.

The reply: "The oil we use in the car during a race is 20W-50 and brands differ from Unocal, Valvoline, Quakerstate, etc."

I can only guess that their "concoction" for qualifying is held somewhat "secretive" for each team, as well as the synthetic issue.

Just wanted to pass it along...
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