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Jul 22, 2005
I sent them and e-mail directly asking if their new Katrina formulation will be kept in service from this point on and this was the response. From Mobile Product Information: The new Mobil1 motor oil formulation currently is in the process of being tested for all API requirements and coressponding OEM specifications as well. The process is long however, Mobil will have this completed very quickly. This is only a temporary change in formulation and the previous formulation will be reintroduced onto the market as supplies become better and without disruption (2-3 months). Mobil1 engineers that have formulated the synthetic motor oil for the past 30 years are experts in formulating high performance synthetuc fluids and are extremely confident that the reformulated product is not compromising any performance or protection. As always, Mobil stands 100% behind our product preformance and all consumers can rest assure that you are using the best all around motor oil in the market. -Matt
Thanks for this truck&cycle. This does better explain the whole situation and I have enough on hand for about 1 year on hand. Maybe we will even find this temp add pack better than the normal. Time and UOA's will probably tell us for sure. I think it is great that they changed the bottles to reflect this temporary change. Most oil companies may not have done this. [Cheers!] to mobil.
anyone willing to do a voa to see how this new katria mobile holds up? Most autozones still have the pre-katrina m1.. high volume stores like walmart seem to have nothing but post kat..
I am outraged. This new formula adds uncertainty to my pathetic life. My therapist sent both of his kids to an ivy league collage because of my Tri-Syn to Super-Syn paranoia. How am I to deal with this? I’m just going to ride the bus from here on out.
There goes your wonderfully built and totally reliable, old faithful, and great Mobile products...Now maybe yuins will try a freaking botique oil that you know is good...
Thread from earlier this week;f=1;t=012915 Author Topic: Response from Mobil....Hurricane formulations? tenderloin Member Member # 722 posted November 08, 2005 10:38 PMNovember 09, 2005 12:38 PM -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The hurricanes did affect the supply of one of the additives used in the Mobil1 motor oil formulation thus, we had to reformulate using different additive technology. Mobil has tested the new formulation on many different platforms and is extremely confident that the new formulation will offer at least the same protection and performance you have come to expect from Mobil1 motor oils. The reason the API verbage is not used is because anytime a petroleum marketer changes the chemistry of a product you must retest with the API to have this language on the bottle which is a long process and we should have it completed in 2-3 months. Mobil stands behind our product 100% just like we always have and we do not believe it is inferior in anyway compared to the older formulation. -Matt -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Posts: 798 | From: Huntington Beach, CA | Registered: Dec 2002 | IP: Logged |
I'm just going to ride the bus from here on out.
Without knowing what's in the crankcase? [Eek!]
The change is reflected in the bottles? How? How can you tell from looking at the bottle pre or post Katrina oil? I bought a case of Havoline 5w20 date june for my Honda, but I use Mobil 1 in my Toyota....
If one is worried about it, drag out the OCI an extra 2-3 months or buy your oil from some shop, store, etc that isn't a high volume business. You'll likely have a better chance to get old, pre Katrina brewed oil that's just been growing old on the shelf.
"Mobile? Moble?" Yes to both -- Hey, I am an engineering technician and everone noze we kan't speell. We use the wrong side of the brain for that junk.
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