Replenishing an Additive Package

Aug 8, 2005
stamford, CT
No one should be going past 10000 miles without proper filtration, that you won't get from a full flow filter, regardless how fancy the filter marketing is.

The oil companies and auto manufacturers could do whatever they want.... but what is the point for the current intervals....
They could make a good replenish oil for those with 'bypass oil filters'.... i.e. a situation, where you NEVER change the oil. Change the filters when clogged and add 'replenish' or 'add oils', as needed. Cook off fuel/water with an oil heater(reclaimo/puradyn/premoplus).

There was a brand, some say a scam, that sold replenish 'oils' for their super duper long life oil. You used the 'add' oil when changing filters or topping off. The Synlube lube4life marketing wasn't ever cool enough for the popular crowd. And, some questioned whether it was just a scam. (text removed - mod)

Other brands sold TBN boosters to keep the oil going....

You'll have to UOA to see what needs 'boosting'. Its not all about TBN, viscosity, .... its not like we can test MRV/CCS/HTHS in our kitchen.

Fram used to sell a filter with 'additives'. Everybody knows about the Fram CH/PH/TG/X2/XG filters.... but what about the "HM" filters. Fram high mileage oil filter... long forgotten. FRAM High Mileage filter contains a cartridge of proprietary detergents and compounds that maintain viscosity, reduce corrosive wear, neutralize acids and keep engine component cleaner.
LuberFiner had the TRT:

I didn't get the STP gold bottle TBN but the Calcium level makes you wonder. Below is the STP Synthetic oil treatment in the gold bottle. I tend to recommend it as the '1st pint' top-off oil to all(detergent level to clean and visc to save some oil consumption). I also recommend BG MOA the same way too. Can't find my BG VOA's of it at the moment but remember it being an over dosed additive 30 grade. They now have several versions of MOA.

View attachment 106379

Valvoline SLOB was some interesting stuff. Its gone. So, is the Ketjenlube 135 Hyperlube ZRA. And, miss the Jojoba oil stuff that HyperLube had before the ZRA. No more LC20 FP60......

If you want to go beyond 10000 miles on your oil/filter, you can do it all by yourself. Don't wait for the oil company or vehicle manufacturer.
I have many bottles of slob,I found at a local napa,2005 era.still have them.
Jun 12, 2020
SW Missouri
This is actually something that is done with heavy duty truck coolant but it’s not exposed to the level of constant contamination that engine oil is. Most of the coolant companies have a coolant “extender” that replenishes the additives lost during engine operation. Keep in mine that nearly every hd truck has a coolant filter also. Some of the filters are a charged type that do the same thing.

Now that my rambling is over- you need to get the other contaminants out which is primarily why we change oil.