replacementfor ELF Oil

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Aug 14, 2014
south east USA
I am looking for an oil to replace ELF HTX 740 ( or a place to buy it in the USA) it works well in the Montesa 4rt trials bike . I had some and have used it all . I have tried some others and found none yet that match the performanve of the ELF Oil . I know that Honda are selling 2014 & 2015 Montesas in the USA but have not talked to any dealers about what they use ( i believe the 2014 manual still reccomends the ELF HTX 740 ) all answers appreciated !!
If you're into Trials and have that bike I'm sure you've been to Trials/Montesa specific forums...? More than a few seem to like Valvoline Dextron VI ATF syn (close to ELF HTX 740 specs), they also replace the smooth metal clutch plates with CR250 dimpled plates. IMO the Honda shop should stock what you need and I would use that.
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thanks I have looked at other sites , however I hoped to have some oil experts comment , I wondered about using automatic transmission fluid in place of the gearbox oil some say it will be fine others are not so much . I do like how the ELF HTX 740 works ,so I guess the Vavoline should be the next change !!!
Elf HTX740.syn. 21.4 @40c 7 @100c Valvoline Dextron VI ATF syn.. 29.5 @40c 6 @100c That's what the guys at the Montesa forum are going by, the Valvoline was the best match.
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