Replacement for RIG?

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Dec 25, 2002
Outside smalltown, IL
Has anyone found a replacement for RIG that works as well to prevent rust and corrosion? Rig was discontinued last year and no one I'm aware of has any left. I've just about run out of my old supply and it doesn't look like any other company is going to pick up the product.

Any suggestions?
I use Break Free Collector long term storage preservative. The thing I like most about it is that I don't have to clean anything off the gun before I use it.
RIG is good stuff. I must have bought one of the last small tubs of RIG and a RIG rag (RIG impregnated sheepskin wiper) from Midway, I dunno, a year ago? My tub is still seal wrapped. I've found that when you find something good, get it and buy extras because you never know if and when you'll ever get it again!

I'm sure you googled RIG but when I did, someone posted (in Sep08) that shotgun sports purchased the remaining inventory of RIG after it was discontinued. I can't check SS's website here at work (it's firewalled) so I don't know if they're sold out as well but you may want to give them a try...

Anyway, as a firearms lube with good preservative properties, you can't go wrong with EEZOX (I'm still working on my original quart)
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