Repairing an old and well-used impact gun

Jul 7, 2014
Winnipeg MB CA
Bought this guy back in '99, at a time when we were fairly financially challenged. It retailed for about $170, but was on sale for $100 off, so was a more affordable $70. Plus I had more than that in Canadian Tire money, so wasn't out of pocket at all.

Anyway, the cord had gotten very ratty, probably from the way it's stressed when the unit is stored in its plastic case.

I removed the cord, stripped it back, and re-terminated it. Glad to see that there was lots of life left in the brushes. The thing that will probably do it in is that the square fitting that interfaces with the sockets has worn over the years, meaning that sockets fit sloppily. Should be good for awhile yet though.

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I had one of those. Solid it about 5 years ago. I've got a cordless 20v DeWalt and my air impacts when needed along with my 60 gallon air compressor.

Hopefully it serves you well for many more years until you upgrade.
I came across a corded impact when I was 16 or so and was scrapping appliances. It was a full aluminum housing and maybe a black and decker? Anyhow the cord was bad and it bit me hard when I plugged it in. I cut a cord off a washer on the same load of scrap, swapped it out and it’s still around here somewhere. Used it all the time.