Removed chrome fender trim.......

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Feb 24, 2005
Southeast Louisiana
that has probably been on truck since it was bought new in 05. I bought truck last year complete with cheesy chrome door handle accents and chrome fender trim. I removed it all yesterday, looks like a totally different truck. Problem occurs where fender trim sat against paint, even after washing truck ridges are visible where they sat, and the ridges can be felt with fingernails. Any fix for this? In the next month or two I will bring the truck to be detailed due to a couple surface scratches and swirl marks (love them black trucks). Is this something the detailer would be able to rectify? Thanks..
Are the ridges built up ridges, recessed grooves or a step between two levels of paint?

If they are built up ridges, try gently removing them with your fingernail. If they scrape off, no problem. If they are one of the other two options, then you need to trust your retailers judgment because repair will involve removing some paint to smooth it out.
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