Remodelling my shop and warehouse.

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Dec 9, 2003
Forest On
I've been spending a lot of time and money on upgrading my shop and warehouse to better service customers.
Since my brother and I are retiring from farming and I'm going to be doing the AMSOIL business full time I wanted to improve my operation.

Here is the web site for the rest of the pictures.



The gable end will also be changed to a blue color.
AMSOIL corporate colors and red, white and blue.

Very nice setup! I like the color scheme. You will have no problem selling your product, just wish I lived closer. Wouldn't mind being a customer.
I've been selling AMSOIL since 1993.
My bottom line has improved since I stopped sponsoring.
A lot of my sales now are to the motorcycle crowd, of which I am a part.
I have a good number of retail's as well.
My hrs of business are 8:00am till 11:00pm. 7 Days a week. As long as I'm home anyone is welcome to come and get what they need.
Here in Southern Ontario people don't want or like to have things shipped. They would rather pick it up or have it delivered with no shipping costs. Most times they come here and have a visit at the same time.
I guess thats why my business has grown over the years.
They can come to my place or just give me a call and have the product in a very short time.
$40,000.00 worth if your wondering.
I guess I should clarify the sponsoring coment.
What I meant was sponsoring so many cars at the drag strip we used to be a part of.
I was sponsoring a car in each class.
No more. Just one car and he is the Summit World Champion alomg with overall track champion for several years.
I still sponsor lots of new AMSOIL dealers.
Excellent! I like your choice of colors. Can't beat the good 'ol red, white & blue. The only recommendation I would make is to put the BIGGEST available Amsoil sign on the red section of the building, next to the white door. Maybe something like this:

Thanks Wavinwayne.
Could you send me that sign please!!!

I'm planning on getting the large AMSOIL decal to put on the shop door. Hopefully it will be large enough to be seen from the road.
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