Regane HM Observation

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Aug 30, 2004
On both my dad's 92 Previa and on my 2011 Prius, I have noticed that when I am running the mix of Regane HM and gas, the engine operation is significantly smoother. Much smoother. As soon as the tank of treated fuel is used up, the smoothness is gone. The car performs the same as it did prior to the treatment. Can anyone speculate why this is happening? Should I get a stronger fuel additive, such as BG 44k?
Redline claims their product..
Reduces need for octane by up to two points
So if your running 87 and the engine (not the owners manual) really prefers 89 it could be running the additive is slowing the burn and smoothing out the idle. Try a couple of points higher octane fuel with no additive and see if there is a difference. If it is smoother that's your answer. Edit: The product you used may have the same effect as the Redline. I used it only as an example.
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Try TCW3. it makes engines smooth too. I did that for a few tankfuls but could not measure any MPG change and stopped. The engine is not as smooth anymore.
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Question.....What is the difference between the Regular Regane vs. the Regane HM?
According to Gumout, the HM version is the strongest one.
Only thing I can think of, is the Regane is increasing the octane, to what your engine "should be running" mentioned, try changing the octane level next time you fill up, instead of 87, go with 89 or whatever flavor your station carries.... If the car performs the same, you found the "problem" - your car just favors the higher octane wink THEN, you can figure/calculate what the better cost is, going with the higher octane at the pump, or buying the octane in a bottle and adding it yourself wink +1 to the TCW-3 - there's a thread on this very forum, perhaps down a couple pages though (depending on screen size I suppose lol)...but it's typically 1 oz. per 5 gallons treatment rate. Any TCW-3, brand does not matter, as long as it's TCW-3 rated.
I highly doubt that such dosing increases the AKI sufficiently to make it need 2 points less. Chemically, even if you added something with a very high AKI, the dose rates are too low. Ill bet they are claiming that cleaning deposits yields lower compression, reducing the need to run higher octane gas.
A dumped a bottle of Gumout Regane Complete Fuel System Cleaner in the Nitro. I'll post back with any observations.
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I used 3/4th bottle of Techron in my last tank and "knock on the wood", after refilling the tank, I still have that "Techron feeling".
It'll be interesting to see what the outcome of this is. Does it make sense that both a 20 year old and a new engine are reacting in the same way?
The only thing common is the driver :) Seriously, without double blind studies, most of the anecdotal evidence is just that.
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