Refresher college courses?

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Has anyone taken refresher courses where you're at? I've checked the local cc's but being the middle of the current semester it's hard to find anything. Basically just need a refresher in algebra. I have seen a few online sources but I think in person and hands on would be better.
Al's book suggestion is a good one. Personally, what I did a number of years ago before taking calculus after receiving a different degree was to take a nice, comprehensive algebra/pre-calculus textbook and do problems during the summer before the class began and do problems until I was blue in the face. I ended up with a 96% on differential calculus in the first term and 100% in integral calculus in the second term.
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This is a most excellent book, I have gone over it a couple times in the last 2 years. Can't say enough good about it. You can get it new and shipped at Amazon for 10 bucks. Cheaper if you get it used. If you decide to get it let me know what you thought of it.
I'll check that out. Probably see if the library has it first before I buy.
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There's lots of help on youtube for the math courses. Some profs are just miderable teachers. Check out sal khan
I must say this guy is one heck of teacher. If I'm allowed to post it here is his website.. non-profit group. Went thru 4 20 minute lessons already and can feel my brain reactivating LOL
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