Redneck and his Redneck mower!

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Apr 24, 2004
This is a real Texas lawn mower!

Note the man: Oil company hat
boots with shorts
beer belly

Note the mower: Steer head on the front
Nitrous Oxide system
Dual exhaust

Just realized there is no way to post a picture. If there is tell me please!
Well people do it. You and I just haven't figured it out yet. I think you have to have the photo on a server somewhere that is on line, then post a link. Maybe if the link is posted with the right format it will automatically load up the photo as folks open the thread, but I really don't know and haven't the time to figure it out.

Would like the lawnmower photo to send to some folks. I saw one redneck mower photo where they mounted an old push reel mower in place of the forks on an old beat up bicycle. Pretty funny.
I you do a search on this thread for "Free image hosting", you'll find a place where you can post pictures. You basically have to upload your pictures to a web server, then using the "Image" button, under Instant UBB Code, to post the image.
Or, even better, a muscle shirt!
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