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Mar 1, 2003
Fairfield County, CT
Deep in another thread, Titanium_Alloy posted:
Redline actually uses a different HTHS viscosity testing method, thus Redline's number for HTHS can not be compared to Mobil's or Amsoil's. Mobil and Amsoil use bearing testing method which I think is more accurate and has a direct relationship to the actual oil performance in the engine, while Redline uses Tapered-Plug method. Interesting to note that both of these tests are accepted for API oil classification along with ASTM D5481.
Question: has Redline ever been tested using the HT/HS method used by Mobil or Amsoil? Or is there a way to correlate? Mostly I'd like to know if Redline 5W-30's quoted HT/HS of 3.8 is greater than 3.5 on Mobil's HT/HS scale! Thanks, Jason
Another way of asking this is to ask whether or not Redline 5W-30 meets ACEA A3 spec. I've found a few postings in another forum saying that it does (says so on the bottle, supposedly)--anyone have a bottle of RL 5W-30 handy to look at?
From a quick look-around of the 'net and the available equipment, ASTM D 4683 (Mobil), ASTM D 4741 (Redline) and CEC-L-36-A-90 are all 'interchangable' results. The D 4741, the tapered plug, seems to be a cheaper device to purchase than the tapered bearing (D 4683) and is supposed to be used by labs doing minimal HT/HS work. Also to point out the CEC-L-36-A-90 is the European standards organization's test which is identical to ASTM D 4741. ferb!
The bottle of 5W30 I just received on Friday reads; "suits the requirments for ACEA B5-02 and A5-02."
If you compare Mobil Delvac 1 5W-40 and Redline 5W-40 oils they have almost identical properties. In case with Delvac 1 low pour point (-54C) and not very high viscosity index of 167, not like 190 or 200, is a pretty good indication that there is some amount of esters in the oil. Thus, unlike other Mobil oils which mostly use PAO base, this oil can be directly compared to Redline, though probably they might be using different ester formulation. Delvac has indicated HTHS viscosity of 4.1 cP and Redline 5W-40 4.6 cP. I can't claim with full certainty, but I think that Redline's number should be very close to Delvac's when using the same testing methods. I would say that it has to fall in 4.0-4.3 cP range. Accordingly, I would approximate that using Mobil's and Amsoil's test method Redline 5w-30 has HTHS viscosity in the range of 3.3 - 3.6 cP. Honestly - I wouldn't worry about it too much. Redline 20W-50 says that it meets A5/B5, but A3 is not listed. Did redline forget to put it on the label? [I dont know] Regards, [ January 26, 2004, 12:54 AM: Message edited by: Titanium_Alloy ]
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