Redline UOA questions.... help!

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Feb 13, 2003
This is the debacle - In an old thread, a colleague with the same vehicle and I decided to try different weights (5w-20 & 5w-30) and get UOA's of them. I purchased a case of Redline 5-30 for my 02 Honda Si. It's almost 6k deep and I would like to get a good sample... the problem - I had to dump in about a quart (maybe a little more) to keep it topped off through the mileage. Also, it was recently that I added some, too. The trade-off here is, do I get the UOA and get mixed results? or wait until the next time around to get more "real" results? The finances in getting the UOA's play a factor, also. I don't exactly budget in $60 every few months for UOA's [Smile]
Assuming that this is the first fill with it, I think I might do it on the next change. UOA's of Redline seem to indicate a lot of cleaning with the first use, so a better indicator may be the second go around with this oil.
Bob ,get it tested !, like Terry said they take that into account, plus its only normal to add fluid like that. I am very close to testing my 5w-20 Redline, probably sending it in next Friday, so I will have the results a week later. Ive added 1/2 quart in 2500 miles so far. This will be a 3000-4000 mile sample by next week. I will be adding some Redline 5w-30 just before the track event on the 23rd. I am going to drain about 2 quarts of the 5w-20 during the sampling and add about 2 quarts of Redline 5w-30 to hold me over the Gingerman track event to give me a little extra protection. I know Redline can be run for over 9000 miles, but I want to sample before the track event to get a consistent daily driving reading. Sampling after track events can usually show higher than normal wear numbers. When I get the test results I will just have to take into account that it is a 3000-4000 mile sample of 5w-20 and extrapolate from there on the 5w-20 sample. Joey [ June 11, 2003, 03:12 PM: Message edited by: Idrinkmotoroil ]
ahhh fine... I'll take a sample. I was really trying to buy a case of beer instead of sampling some oil, though. [Smile]
Originally posted by DynaSpeed: ahhh fine... I'll take a sample. I was really trying to buy a case of beer instead of sampling some oil, though. [Smile]
tough decision, those are the sacrifices we make for our cars hugh. see you soon. Joey
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