redline oil

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Jun 19, 2004
nanticoke, pa
i have an 03 corvette and was going to change my oil for the first time with redline 10/30w however i have heard some negative stuff about redline because it is an ester based oil and that this can cause your seals to swell. is this the truth? i know other people have used redline with no problem thanx for the help brad6285.
You have absolutely nothing to worry about. Redline is one of the best oils on the market and will protect your LS1 especially if you run it hard.
You may also want to do a search in the used oil analysis on the LS-1, there are some good reports out there using less expensive oil. I am running Amsoil currently, but may give the GC a try on the next change. I just used the GC in my BMW and my daugther's Envoy and was impressed with the sound of the BMW after the change, it seems to be quieter on startup.
I think you'd save some bucks and do "great" w/M1 either 10w-30 or the new 0 [Burnout] W-40 and a HQ (Delco UPF for example) filter, diddo for M1 when the tranny/rear end requires service if they specify 80W-90 gear lube...IMO... [Big Grin]
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